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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years; Hons + 1 year.
  • Diploma 2 years.
  • Certificate 1 year.
  • Tuition A$ 5,650 /semester - A$ 26,000/year.
  • Work while you study.
  • Stay to work when you graduate.


Careers. Accountant, Auditing, Costing, Investigative accounting, Taxation, Financial planning, Strategic management, Management consulting.

  • Bachelor of Accounting, La Trobe University. Accounting, auditing, finance, business law and taxation.
  • Bachelor of Accounting, Central Queensland University. Very flexible program; gain superior communication skills and have in-depth knowledge of their area of interest.
  • Diploma of Accounting (Certificate IV in Accounting), (1 year), Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. Accounts receivable and payable, balance sheets and their computerised application, creating budgets, managing creditors and inventory.
  • Diploma of Accounting, Southbank Institute of Technology. Program provides you with direct pathways to university and work ready skills needed for middle and upper-level accounting jobs.
  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting, (2 years), Holmesglen. Skills to perform accounting roles: reporting of accounting information, completing BAS statements, office statements and taxes, financial budgets, supervising computer based accounting systems.
  • Certificate IV in Accounting, (1 year), Holmesglen. For individuals who perform a range of financial roles within the organisation.

Accounting and Business.

Careers.  Accountant, Auditing, Costing, Investigative accounting, Taxation, Financial planning, Strategic management, Management consulting.

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance), La Trobe University. Flexible structure, offering a six-subject accounting specialisation and a five-subject finance specialization.
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting), La Trobe University. Accounting, auditing, business law, finance, forensic accounting, public sector accounting and taxation.
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting), James Cook University. Foundation subjects in business complemented by specialist topics: business modeling and information systems, Business law and ethics, financial and management accounting, auditing, taxation and law, performance management and control.
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Holmesglen. Achieve an accounting qualification through a more practical and hands-on approach to learning.

Actuarial studies.

Careers. Banking and Finance, Energy and environment, General and Health Insurance, Investment, Management, Public Sector, Risk Management, Superannuation, Wealth Management, Actuarial insurance broker.

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, Australian National University. Combine skills from mathematics, statistics, economics, and finance to assess, evaluate and manage future financial risk.


Careers. Government Departments, Business and Management, International Agencies, Resource and Environmental Economist, Schools and Universities, Finance and Banking.

  • Bachelor of Economics, Australian National University. Rigorous training in the analytic tools of economics, and the opportunity to apply these to a wide variety of economic issues.
  • Bachelor of Economics, La Trobe University. Microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic history, application of economics to policy issues.
  • Bachelor of Economics, University of Western Sydney. Political and social sciences, financial and business disciplines. Four key programs in Banking and Finance, Economic Analysis and Policy, International Trade and Finance, Property and Urban and Regional Development.
  • Bachelor of Economics (Honours), University of Western Sydney. Knowledge of current research literature and provide training in research methods in the school.

Economics and Business.

Careers. Professional economists in a wide variety of departments in Commonwealth, State and local government, the Reserve Bank of Australia, other merchant banks, many large private companies such as KPMG.

  • Bachelor of Business (Economics), James Cook University. Foundation subjects in accounting, economics, data analysis and management combined with subjects in macroeconomics, regional economic growth, managerial economics, international trade, contemporary economic policy and social welfare, forecasting and /or econometrics.

Economics and Politics, Philosophy.

Careers. For tomorrow’s political decision-makers.


Careers. Financial dealer/broker, Financial manager/analyst/specialist, Mathematical statistician, Corporate Treasurer, Operations manager, Banking.

  • Bachelor of Finance, Australian National University. Mainstream finance supplemented by studies in related quantitative techniques, methodologies, economics, and management. Majors: Capital Markets or Quantitative Finance.
  • Bachelor of Finance, La Trobe University. Financial investments, financial planning, corporate finance and portfolio management.
  • Bachelor of Finance (Corporate Finance), La Trobe University.Understanding of the issues facing finance professionals working in business organisations.
  • Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance, University of Technology Sydney. Mathematical techniques as an important subject for risk assessment and the optimisation of financial plans.
  • Bachelor of Financial Advising, University of Western Sydney. For individuals who seek specialist financial advising careers.
  • Bachelor of Financial Planning, Central Queensland University. Successful financial planning, including taxation and commercial law, supperannuation, investment management, risk management and estate planning.
  • Bachelor of Finance (Financial Risk Management), La Trobe University. Al areas of finance and issues faced when working as a financial risk manager in a bank, stockbroking firm, fund manager, asset management consultant or insurance company.
  • Bachelor of Finance (Wealth Management), La Trobe University. Academic requirements for a career in the investment industry. Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Finance Law, Taxation, Corporate Finance.
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, Holmesglen. Provides an industry recognized qualifications to meet the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) requirements.
  • Certificate III In Financial Services , 6 months), Holmesglen. This course will appeal to you if you are currently working within the banking and retail financial services sectors.
  • Certificate III in Accounts Administration, (6 months), Holmesglen. Suitable for individuals who perform a range of financial roles within an organisation.
  • Certificate IV in Financial Services (Book keeping), Holmesglen. Contract bookkeepers and employees performing bookkeeper duties for organisations.

Finance and Banking.

Careers. Mergers and acquisitions, Foreign exchange, Securities and loans, Money marketing, Financial forecasting, Dealing in bonds, stocks and the money market, Selling financial products.

Finance and Business.

Careers. Financial manager.

Finance and Investment.

Careers. In the Investment industry.


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