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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years.
  • AP Degree 2 years.
  • Tuition €0 for EU/EAA students.
  • Practical and focused courses.

Economics and Business.

Careers. Management, Economist in a management position.

  • BSc in Economics and Business Administration, Aalborg University, Aalborg. 3 year degree with an integrated company project in the fifth semester. Provides you with knowledge and capabilities to understand business management, dynamic interplay of business and economics with sustainable company growth and social development, reflects the complexity of the evolving business environment, but maintains the philosophy of the Danish university education in business and economics that prospective business leaders need a sound understanding of economics and management to be able to ensure sustainable social prosperity.


Careers. Financial Controller, Property Manager, Accountant, Mortgage Lending Counsellor, Bank, Financial Staff.

  • AP Degree in Financial Management, University College North UCN, Aalborg. 2 year degree including semester work experience. You will learn to analyse and plan and perform financial control of manufacturing companies, businesses and service sector companies, you willlearn to perform specialist work for financial institutions, mortgage credit institutions, public institutions and real estate agencies and work as a property administrator.

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