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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years.
  • Bachelor Degree fast track 3 years.
  • Work experience included in Degree.
  • “Short Degree” 1 year or 2 years.
  • Start dates February and September.
  • Tuition €1906/year EU; €6000 international.
  • Help with joining the job market.
  • Help with funding.

Finance and Accounting.

Careers. Policy advisor, Banking, Financial Specialist in an international group. Help from Saxion to stay in Holland and work when you graduate from a Dutch university.

  • International Finance and Accounting BBA, Saxion University of Applied Sciences. 4 year Degree to prepare you for work in the field of finance. Course characteristic is the relationship between theory and practical experience.
  • International Finance and Accounting BEcon, Saxion University of Applied Sciences. 2 years. Provides the base for a specialist managerial position in the field of economic management. For students with a 3-year Bachelor Degree in a related programme.

Business Economics.

Careers. Auditor, Tax Consultant, Business Controller, Financial Manager, Information Manager, Business Consultant. A large number of graduates are employed by the companies at which they did their work placement or graduation project.

  • International Business Economics, Fontys University of Applied Sciences - Venlo, 4 years. How do I manage an enterprise? Where can I make high profits? How can I keep the costs in control? How do I behave in an international context? Learn how!

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