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  • Bachelor Degree - 3 years.
  • Bachelor Honours Degree - 4 years.
  • Tuition NZ$5,650/semester-NZ$26,000/year.
  • Amazing flexibility in study choice.
  • Work while you study in New Zealand.
  • Love this country!


Careers. Auditor, Taxation, Commercial banker, Consulting, Management accounting, Financial management, Finance, Banking, Public sectors, Stock broker.

  • Bachelor of Accountancy, Massey University. Develop, measure, analyse and communicate information about economic transactions and events in the global economy.

Accounting and Business.

Careers. Business services, Financial accounting, Management accounting.

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Theoretical and practical learning experience in the areas of financial accounting, management accounting and accounting information systems.


Careers. Energy Research Officer, Environmental Economist, Financial Policy Advisor, Graduate Economist, Health Economist, International Economist, Institution Development Coordinator, Microeconomic Analyst, Policy Analyst.

  • Bachelor of Applied Economics with Honours, Massey University. For students with an undergraduate degree in Economics, or a major in Economics, who wish to acquire specialist advanced training.
  • Bachelor of Applied Economics, Massey University. Prepare you for a range of roles in the economics analysis and policy-making arena within New Zealand and internationally.

Economics and Business.

Careers. Acquisition manager, Business risk auditor, Financial markets analyst, Investment banker, Policy advisor in a government ministry, Researcher in a consulting firm or non-profit organisation, Strategic planner in a local council.

  • Bachelor of Business (Economics), Australian University of Technology. Learn skills needed for analysing and implementing solutions to many of the critical problems facing society today.

Finance and Business.

Careers. Accountant, Auditor, Business Analyst, Commercial and Investment Banker, Economics Teacher, Mutual Fund Analyst or Trader, Policy Adviser, Portfolio Manager, Share broker, Treasury Manager.

  • Bachelor of Business Analysis – Financial, University of Waikato. With a particular emphasis on financial management, look in depth at the quantitative (math-based) disciplines. Majors: Accounting, Economics or Finance.
  • Bachelor of Management Studies, (4 years), University of Waikato. Solid grounding in your specialty subject, and practical experience. Majors: Accounting, Economics, Finance.
  • Bachelor of Business (Finance), Australian University of Technology. Financial markets and institutions, investments and portfolio theory, and corporate and managerial finance.

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