engineering canada
  • Bachelor Degree 4 years
  • Diploma 2 years
  • Certificate 1 year
  • Tuition International C$12,000 to C$23,000/year
  • Co-Op program to work while you study
  • Bursaries available at SLC

Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering Technology, Centennial College, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, 3 years. Biomedical engineering integrates various principles including electronics, micro-controller, computer, chemical, biology, medicine, health and engineering in the design of medical equipment, rehabilitation and health improvement devices.

Civil Engineering

  • Civil Engineering Technology, St. Lawrence College, 2 years. broad understanding of scientific principles, a knowledge of materials and the art of analysis and synthesis. It also requires research, team working, leadership and business skills. Civil engineering is a classic, dynamic and creative profession." (Institute of Civil Engineers).

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics Engineering Technology (Co-Op, Fast Track), Centennial College, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, 3 years. develop technical expertise in areas such as wireless communications, data communications, microcontrollers and industrial systems. You will work with computers, communication transceivers and electronics testing and measurement equipment, while developing a solid foundation in modern electronics.

Energy Engineering

  • Energy Systems Engineering Technology, St. Lawrence College, 2 years. Our Energy Systems Engineering Technician and Technology graduates will fill the growing needs of employers in this rapidly expanding field. Student work will involve energy auditing and modelling of existing conventional heating and lighting systems and specifying energy efficiency improvements for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Students will be trained in the sizing, specification and implementation of solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and other sustainable energy systems.

Engineering Transfer Program

  • Engineering Transfer Program, Thompson Rivers University, 2 years. Transfer is possible from TRU into degree programs atUniversity of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, University of Alberta, and University of Calgary.. Admission is competitive, and reaching the minimum required standard is no guarantee of entry. Selection depends on academic performance.

Game Development

  • Game Development Technician, St. Lawrence College, 2 years. This new program introduces you to basic game concepts, including introductory computer programming in C++, basic game console electronics, computer operating system usage, and database storage techniques. Expand your knowledge by examining and implementing 3-dimensional programs that expand into real games using industry standard libraries.
  • Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming (Co-Op, Fast Track), Centennial College, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, 3 years. prepare you to work as a software developer in the game software industry


  • Computer Engineering Technology – Embedded Networks, Centennial College, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, 3 years. -depth education in microcontroller programming and interfacing (with different chips like Motorola, PIC and Atmel), real time operating system, system-on-chip using Xillinx, digital signal processing, wireless networks, data communications, database, quality assurance and industrial controls.


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