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  • Bachelor Degree 3 to 4 years years
  • Bachelor Degree with Honours + 1 year
  • Combined Degree 4 to 5 years
  • Tuition International NZ$ 20,050 to NZ$23,000/year

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical and Electronic Major, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), AUT, 4 years Solve complex engineering problems over a range of disciplines from software and hardware engineering to power and building services. Knowledge of scientific theory allows analysis of new problems
  • Electrical Engineering Major, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, AUT, 3 years. Circuits complemented by building services, power or control papers in the final year. Focuses on design, implementation and maintenance of power and utility systems. Iprocess control systems and programmable logic displays.
  • Electronic Engineering Major, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, AUT, 3 years. Microelectronic devices and systems and applications in commercial, industrial and domestic systems and appliances. Choice of digital or analogue papers (or both) in the final year.
  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Waikato University, 3 years. Design, development, manufacture and application of electronic devices, circuits and systems - personal computers, mobile telephones, pacemakers, and radio, television, industrial control and satellite communications systems.
  • Biotronic Engineering Major, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), AUT, 4 years. Work in engineering-related projects and jobs in the medical and healthcare sectors. Skills both in electronics and biological sciences. Choose from electronic career options or healthcare-related industries.


  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, Massey University, 4 years. The new breed of engineer is highly entrepreneurial, seeking to use skills to drive development projects in industry - latest data highways to sophisticated manufacturing and processing plants. Graduates will lead the design and implementation of sophisticated equipment and systems.
  • Pre-Degree (Foundation) Engineering, AUT, 1 year. Every amazing journey starts with the first step. This one year foundation programme prepares you for study at degree level in the School of Engineering.

Materials and Processing Engineering

  • Bachelor of Materials and Processing Engineering, Waikato University, 3 years. Materials and Processing is concerned with all the processes and activities of converting raw and commodity materials into valuable products for manufacturers for the end consumer. Design, manufacture and process materials into high-value products such as dietary formulae, ceramics that can withstand high temperatures, titanium alloys, pharmaceuticals, laminated boards and functional proteins.

Mechatronics and Mechanical

  • Mechanical Engineering Major, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, AUT, 3 years. Prepare for a role as an engineering technologist in Mechanical Engineering or Production/Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Mechanical Major, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), AUT, 4 years. The mechanical engineering major prepares you to solve complex engineering problems. Knowledge of scientific theory allows analysis of new problems that is the basis of design. Firm understanding of industrial computing and the latest simulation techniques and methodologies to develop new materials, products, and processes.
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Waikato University, 3 years. Mechanical Engineering uses mechanics and energy principles to design, research, develop and manufacture tools, engines, motors and other devices. This programme combines Mechanical Engineering, Science and Mathematics to give graduates a good balance between intellectual rigour and engineering practice. This prepares graduates for employment in industry and careers such as automotives, manufacturing, air-conditioning and refrigeration, and robotics.

Software Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science, Victoria University, 4 years. Computer scientists design and implement software, devise new ways to use computers and develop effective ways to solve computing problems. At Victoria, Computer Science focuses on software. If you want to include digital electronics, consider Electronic and Computer Systems.
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering, Waikato University, 3 years. Scientific, disciplined and quantifiable approach to developing, operating and maintaining complex software systems - operating systems, networks, real-time and embedded systems, distributed and parallel systems, as well as engineering, scientific and business application software.

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