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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years.
  • College Advanced Diploma 3 years.
  • College Diploma 2 years.
  • College Certificate 1 year.
  • International student tuition fees at Canada's 40 universities range from C$4,000 to C$18,000/year.
  • Work while you study in Canada.

Environmental Biology & Chemistry

  • Bachelor of Science (Ecology and Environmental Biology), Thompson Rivers University. You will study: Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, Genetics, Ecology, Evolution of Animal Body Plans, Community & Ecosystem Ecology, Biochemistry, Plant, Human & Cell Physiology.
  • Bachelor of Science (Environmental Chemistry), Thompson Rivers University. You will study: Aqueous Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry.

Natural Resources Management

  • Bachelor of Natural Resource Science, Thompson Rivers University. Broadly based with studies in biology, ecology, scientific methods, and sector-specific resource management skills.

Environmental Health

Environmental Sciences

Careers in Water and air quality, Waste management, Occupational health and safety, Environmental assessment.

  • Advanced Diploma in Environmental Protection Technology (3 years), Centennial College. Microbiology, ecological field sampling, analytical chemistry, hazardous material management, surveying and municipal engineering, AutoCAD drawing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping.
  • Environmental Studies Certificate (1 year), Thompson Rivers University. Principles of Biology, Dendrology, Human Interaction with the Natural Environment, Earth's Land and Waters, Climatology and Biogeography.
  • Diploma in Environmental Technician (2 years), St Lawrence College. Field courses at the end of the second and fourth semesters and a four-week work placement at the end of the fourth semester.
  • Diploma in Environmental Protection Technician (2 years), Centennial College. Practical training in the three foundation disciplines of biology, chemistry and civil engineering teaches you to understand and manage complex environmental problems.
  • Diploma in Environmental Technician (2 years), Algonquin College. Students obtain theoretical and practical training in three disciplines of environmental sciences: biology, chemistry and engineering, and learn to collect, measure, and analyze variables commonly considered in environmental studies. Gain invaluable workplace experience through an optional paid co-op placement.
  • Diploma in Outdoor Adventure Naturalist (2 years), Algonquin College. Program combines outdoor adventure skills and business fundamentals with a focus on environmental and ecotourism topics. You study ecotourism, computer applications, risk management, interpretive media, marketing and customer service and small business and financial management.

Water Management

Careers: Compliance officer, Water analyst with municipal and provincial governments, Lab assistant in private and public laboratories.

  • Water and Waste Water Technician, Algonquin College. A practical blend of theory and practice. Courses, such as chemistry, biology, and mechanical systems, include both a lab and practical component.


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