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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years.
  • Bachelor Degree fast track 3 years.
  • Work experience included in Degree.
  • "Short Degree" 1 year or 2 years.
  • Start dates February and September.
  • Tuition €1906/year EU; €6000 international.
  • Help with joining the job market.
  • Help with funding.

Environmental Science

Careers in Government institutions, National authorities, Firms of consulting engineers, Ecology groups and Non-governmental Organisations.

  • Bachelor in Environmental Science (1 year), Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The student conducts a research on a current problem in the field of Environmental Science & Technology.
  • Short Course Environmental Impact Assessment (3 months), Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Aimed at students with at least 3 years of education in a course relevant for doing Environmental Impact Assessments like Civil Engineering, Ecology, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Science or Technology.

Delta Management.

Careers: Assistant-manager or Junior Project Manager with governmental bodies, consultancies and large (international) companies.

  • Bachelor of Delta Management, HZ University of Applied Sciences. You are trained as a professional who understands the relationship between policy and implementation, who can make the connection between physical-spatial, social-economical and cultural programmes in delta areas and who is capable of steering both products and processes.

Sustainable International Business

Careers in 'Sustainability' departments in larger companies or at intermediate organizations (sectors/branches) for small and medium sized enterprises.

  • Short Course Sustainable International Business (5 months), Saxion University of Applied Sciences. You will focus on how companies take their responsibility and try to manage and improve these items in balance with their daily business.

Water Management

Careers: Engineer, Consultant, Policy-maker, Researcher for water authorities, Consultancies, Industries, Scientific institutions or Environmental organizations.

  • Bachelor of Water Management, HZ University of Applied Sciences. Meet the growing demand of high-quality water for nature, consumption, agriculture and industries, new solutions must be developed, taking into account and balancing all different interests involved.
  • Short Course Integrated Water Management (3 months), Saxion University of Applied Sciences. In the course not only attention will be paid to the technical aspects of water management but also to the organisational and financial aspects of good water management.


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