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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years. Hons. +1 year
  • HND or Associate Degree 2 years.
  • Tuition £9,000/year for EU students at British public universities.
  • Work while you study.


Careers: Animators in manufacture of models, photo sets, computer generated images, art direction, commercial material, advertisements, design of CD-Roms, web pages.

  • Bachelor of Animation, University of Central Lancashire. Designed to help you create animated characters and narrative that not only capture the imagination of an audience but have an awareness of the social and cultural place within that art form.
  • BA (Hons) Animation, Southampton Solent University. Taught by award-winning staff with a reputation for high standards within the industry. You will learn and experiment with different techniques, including squash and stretch, moving holds and timing.
  • BA (Hons.) Video and Motion Graphics, Canterbury Christchurch University. Develop the professional skills and theoretical understandings needed to produce creative motion graphics sequences such as visual effects, dvertisements, title sequences and digital animations for television and film, web and projection.

Arts & Media Studies.

Careers. Floor managers, Editors, Camera operators, Technical assistants for broadcast companies.

  • BSc(Hons) Media Production and Technology, University of Central Lancashire. It is a hands-on course in which students will acquire skills across a broad range of media: audio; TV; video; and multimedia.
  • BA(Hons) Media Management, University of Central Lancashire. You will follow a common programme of study which includes management theory, public relations, accounting and an introduction to the media industry. Thereafter, you gradually specialise.
  • BA (Hons.) Media and Communications, Canterbury Christchurch University. a highly marketable mix of skills and knowledge related to communications and the media. It will get you creating media such as advertising and public relations campaigns, blogs, reviews and websites.
  • BA Media Communication, Regent´s College London. Includes news writing and editing for print media, broadcast writing, magazine writing, communication history and theory, communication law, media producation and photography.
  • BA (Hons.) Media and Communications, Coventry University. Designed to produce graduates who will be at the forefront of a wide range of careers within the media and cultural industries. You will focus on the emerging areas of social, open and mobile media, alongside the rapidly transforming established media.
  • BA (Hons.) Media Production, Coventry University. You will be "Producing New Realities" – creating work that is innovative, inspired and challenging. This degree embraces the new technologies of production, ways of working and methods of delivery.
  • BA (Hons) Media Writing (Top Up), Southampton Solent University. Offers you the opportunity to top up your Foundation degree, HND or other equivalent qualification to a full BA (Hons) degree. You will enhance your writing skills for a variety of media.
  • BA (Hons) English and Media, Southampton Solent University. You will divide your time equally between the two subjects, combining the academic study of literature and language with media and culture.
  • BSc (Hons) Media Technology, Southampton Solent University. Using university´s specialist facilities, you will gain a solid grounding in electronic principles, technology mathematics and engineering physics.
  • BA Media, Culture and Society, University of Essex. How do the media shape social and cultural life? What is media power and who wields it? Stimulating 3 year programme with optional year abroad.

Creative Industries.

Careers: Creative and Decision-making Management roles.

  • BA (Hons) Creative Industries, Regent's College London. Teaches the mechanics and practices of the creative industries to develop transferable producing skills which can be applied across the creative media sector.

Film Studies and TV Production.

Careers: Writing, Creative thinking, Problem-solving, Research, Communication, Television and multimedia industries.

  • BA (Hons.) Film and Media, University of Central Lancashire. Multi-disciplinary course that explores film and media from historical, critical and cultural perspectives. This is predominantly a theoretical course but there are practical options available.
  • BA in Film Studies, Regent's College London. Designed to provide a study of the theory, history and practice of films and film-making. Media Production Facilities including: semi-pro and pro dvd cameras; non-linear editing suites; laptops with editing software installed for use at home; lights, etc.
  • Bachelor (Hons) Film, Southampton Solent University, Offers practical production units in film, digital filmmaking and screenwriting alongside an exciting and stimulating programme of academic study.
  • Bachelor (Hons) Film and Television Studies, Southampton Solent University. Combine the critical study of film and television with practical skills, uniquely designed to give you a head start in the creative industries.
  • BA (Hons) English and Film, Southampton Solent University. You are encouraged to think in new and imaginative ways about fiction, drama, poetry and language, in combination with the study of film.
  • Bachelor (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production, Regent's College. Students learn to use the internet to creatively produce material and communicate ideas alongside the traditional skills of directing, producing, sound, lighting, camera, editing and production management.
  • BA (Hons.) Film Production, University of Central Lancashire. Practical and theoretical course designed and built to develop the critical and aesthetic development of the individual film maker.
  • BA Film, Radio and Television Studies, Canterbury Christchurch University. Develop and practise production skills in each of the three media, and become familiar with appropriate critical and theoretical perspectives. Access to a wide range of production kit.
  • BA (Hons) Television Studio Production, Southampton Solent University. You will gain a solid foundation in all the core areas of production before going on to specialise in multi-camera studio projects in light entertainment and magazine programming.
  • BA (Hons) Television and Video Production, Southampton Solent University. You will learn how to manage and organise production teams and gain an understanding of the legal and ethical frameworks in which producers work. All students will be expected to spend time on industry-based placements and will have the opportunity to work on external projects for a variety of clients.
  • BSc(Hons) in Television Production, University of Central Lancashire. A hands-on course providing access to the most up-to-date digital broadcast facilities including a fully equipped four-camera purpose-built TV studio which reflects current industry standards.
  • BSc (Hons) Outside Broadcast (Production Operations), Southampton Solent University. Designed for students who are aiming for technical operations roles such as camera operator, vision mixer or sound recordist. This course's strong links with media organisations and live projects will enhance graduates' employability.
  • BA Film Studies, University of Essex. 4 years including year abroad. Develop skills in analyzing film and making film, its history aesthetics and contexts of production and reception.
  • BA Film Studies and Art History, University of Essex. Varied and flexible curriculum in the history of art and film studies including the study of a variety of films , encompassing different genres, periods and national cinemas.

Journalism and Mass Communications.

Careers:in Journalism, PR, Advertising, Brand management, Politics and government, NGOs, Academia, Public sector, Community work, Teaching, Publishing, Advertising.

  • BA(Hons) English Language and Journalism, University of Central Lancashire. This course teaches students to understand how the language used can alter, shape, and entirely transform the same set of events into completely different stories.
  • BA (Hons) English and Journalism, Coventry University. You will study online and print media, and how modern journalism influences political, democratic life. You will write and publish news, and be given the chance to write reviews and cover local events.
  • BA (Hons) English and Magazine Journalism, Southampton Solent University. With an emphasis on contemporary styles and their influence on narrative structure, genre and technique in film and literature. You will be taught screenwriters, producers, directors and academics with an excellent range of published work.
  • BA (Hons.) Journalism: Multimedia Journalism, Canterbury Christchurch University. As the traditional boundaries between Print, TV and Radio disappear, the programme explores how they come together in Multimedia and Online journalism.
  • BA(Hons) Journalism and English Literature, University of Central Lancashire. A popular choice for students who love English but want to study journalism too. You will find the relationship between the two subject areas fascinating and rewarding.
  • BA(Hons) Journalism, University of Central Lancashire. One of the oldest and most respected undergraduate journalism programmes in the UK, accreditated by the National Council for the Training of Journalists, the Broadcast Journalism Training Council and the Periodicals Training Council.
  • BA(Hons) International Journalism, University of Central Lancashire. Aimed at students who wish to engage with global events, gain practical skills and study journalism in international contexts.
  • BA (Hons) Journalism and Media, Coventry University. You will 'do' Journalism from day one, working across local, national and international stages in a professionally-orientated newsroom environment.
  • BA (Hons) Journalism, Southampton Solent University. You will be taught to produce text, video and audio content to industry standard. Solent is a Skillset Media Academy which means it is officially recognised as a national centre of excellence in media education.
  • BA (Hons) Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing, Southampton Solent University. Designed in partnership with leading industry professionals and includes a highly successful work placement programme. You will gain at least 120 hours of valuable work experience and develop an impressive portfolio of articles.
  • BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism, Southampton Solent University. Trains you in all areas of multi-platform journalism, enabling you to produce stories for the web, print and broadcast media, being a journalist from day one.
  • Bachelor of Communication (Hons), University of Central Lancashire. We look at the rhetorical, the semiotic, the cybernetic, the socio-psychological and the socio-cultural theoretical frameworks, as well as at critical theory.


Careers: In Photographic studios, Photojournalism and Documentary areas, Editorial work, Sports photography, Advertising, Fashion photography, Photographic arts, Museum and gallery work, Arts administration.

  • BA(Hons) Photography, University of Central Lancashire. Offers a strong grounding in all areas of photographic media from digital to traditional means of imaging and printing.
  • BA (Hons.) Photography, Canterbury Christchurch University. Enable creative students to understand and appreciate photography as a means of visual communication and creative expression. Delivered within the specialist facilities of the Broadstairs Campus, which currently include specialist digital imaging and processing suites and well-equipped studios and darkrooms.
  • BA (Hons) Photography, Coventry University. In the final year you'll have the knowledge, confidence and expertise to be publishing your own work on an international platform and leveraging those forces that are changing the face of the photographic world.
  • BA (Hons) Photography, Southampton Solent University. This course will equip you with strong practical expertise, while also providing the critical-thinking skills necessary for a career in photography and the cultural sector.
  • BA (Hons) Photojournalism, Southampton Solent University. Innovative programme of study that combines demanding photographic and multimedia assignments with an interdisciplinary grounding in critical theory. You will gain at least 120 hours of valuable work experience and develop an impressive portfolio.


  • BA (Hons) Television Post-Production, Southampton Solent University. After studying the core foundation units in Year 1 (shared with Television Studio Production and Television and Video Production), you will be able to and study advanced editing techniques and explore areas such as motion graphics and post-production sound.


Careers: Writer/producers with transferable and wide-ranging skills.

  • BA(Hons) Screenwriting, University of Central Lancashire. It focuses on conventions of writing for the screen, the language of film and TV, and the variety of formats that this encompasses.
  • Bachelor Hons Screenwriting & Producing, Regent´s College. Designed to develop the next generation of writers and producers for the screen, i.e., individuals who will work on both sides of the film and television industry.
  • BA (Hons) English and Screenwriting, Southampton Solent University. Combines creative writing for all screen genres with the advanced study of English. Designed in collaboration with practising film and television screenwriters.
  • BA (Hons) Screenwriting, Southampton Solent University. Designed in collaboration with screenwriters working in film and television, this course covers all major screen genres. Comprehensive guest-speaker programme and live client briefs in class prepare you well for the screen and scriptwriting professions.
  • BA Hons Screenwriting & Producing, Regent´s College London. Designed to develop the next generation of writers and producers for the screen, i.e., individuals who will work on both sides of the film and television industry.
  • BA Film and Creative Writing, University of Essex. Integrated programme combinig hands-on film making, creative writing workshops, and study of writing from a variety of genres. Optional year abroad.

Sports Journalism.

  • BA(Hons) Sports Journalism, University of Central Lancashire. This is the only undergraduate Sports Journalism course in the UK to be accredited by the BJTC (Broadcast Journalism Training Council, made up of representatives from the BBC, ITV and Sky).
  • BA (Hons) Sport Journalism, Southampton Solent University. Designed to equip graduates with the core skills needed to work across the full range of sports media platforms, including newspapers, television, radio and web-first environments. Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours' work placement in industry.

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