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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years; Hons +1 year.
  • Double degree, usually 4 years.
  • Doctorate 4 or 5 years.
  • Tuition semester: AU$ 5,650.
  • Tuition year: AU$ 26,000.
  • Work part time while you study.

Accidents Forensic

Careers: Employment in health and safety practice in addition to the specifics of accident investigation.

  • Bachelor of Accident Forensics, Central Queensland University. It will equip you with the skills to conduct and analyse accident investigations based on knowledge and techniques appropriate to accident forensics in road, rail, air and industrial environments.

Environmental Forensics

Careers: Environmental analysts and consultants, Environmental scientists and managers, Policy advisers, Planners.

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Forensics, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). It focuses on studies of living and non-living components of the environment and on the impacts of human use of environmental resources on the ecosystem.

Forensic Biology

Careers: Crime officers, Forensic laboratory scientists, Biomedical scientists.

  • Bachelor of Forensic Biology in Biomedical Science, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). This course provides a firm foundation in the biomedical sciences and their applications to forensic investigations involving human or other biological evidence.

Forensic & Chemistry

Careers in the police service (in crime scene or laboratories), in state and federal law enforcement agencies, forensic or drug detection laboratories, environmental protection agencies, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • Bachelor of Forensic Science in Applied Chemistry, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Foundation in the basic sciences, with in-depth development of chemistry and analytical sciences and forensic techniques, emphasising forensic applications.

Forensic Investigation

Careers: Laboratory Technician, Scene-of-Crime Technician, Civilian Positions in Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, Medical Representative, Pharmaceutical Representative, Customs Positions, Security Positions, Intelligence Positions, Private Enterprise Positions.

  • Bachelor of Forensic Investigation, Edith Cowan University (ECU). Students acquire the skills needed for entry level positions in criminology, justice and science professions.

Forensic Psychology

Careers: Forensic Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist.

  • Doctor of Psychology (Clinical and Forensic), Edith Cowan University (ECU). In addition to completing a doctoral research thesis, students complete coursework and professional placements in both clinical psychology and forensic psychology.

Forensic Science

Careers: DNA expert, Forensic molecular biologist, Forensic chemist, Forensic toxicologist, Drug analyst.


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