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  • Bachelor Degree 3.5 years = 210 ECTS.
  • One semester = 30 ECTS.
  • Top-Up 1.5 years.
  • Tuition €0/year EU students.
  • Tuition 65,000- 71,000 DKK non-EU.
  • Work experience in Denmark or abroad.

Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Careers. Hotels, Resorts, Marketing, management.

  • AP Degree Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, UCN University College of Northern Denmark. 2 years. Develop, plan, realize and deliver experience-based services in the field of sport, events, tourism.
  • Bachelor International Hospital Management, UCN University College of Northern Denmark. 1.5 years. Entry requisite AP or Diploma. Learn to handle complex practical tasks in marketing, managing, developing businesses central to the hospitality industry.
  • AP Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Program Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. This 2-year programme enables graduates to combine knowledge of commercial, cultural and innovative aspects and principles of sustainable development with methodical considerations in the planning and organisation of services. Also, graduates will be able to interact and collaborate in management teams and effectively build customer relations with people from various educational, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Heritage Management.

Careers. Transport operator (e.g. shipping lines) and travel agents, Holiday centres, Hire companies, Hotels and restaurants, Amusement parks, Health and wellness centres, Tourist information offices, Tourism development companies.

Leisure Management.

Careers. Leisure destinations, SPAs, Resorts.


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