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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years
  • Double Degree 4 years
  • Bachelor with Honours + 1 year
  • Tuition International A$18,800 to A$24,700/year
  • Work while you study

International Relations.

Careers in businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other nongovernment organisations, news and media organisations, and educational organisations, industry, cultural and public policy, trade and tourism.

  • Bachelor of International Relations, Australian National University, 3 years. Broad historical and intellectual framework which has framed the modern world of states since 17th century, concentration on 20th century, World Wars and Cold War, present age, global political economy, global culture and communication, global environmental concerns and post-Cold war political conflict, 'War on Terror'. The Australian National University is recognised for its leadership in the field of International Relations.
  • Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Laws, Australian National University, 5 years.
  • Bachelor of International Relations, La Trobe University, 3 years. Covers the economic, political, strategic, cultural, legal and organisational dynamics that shape international affairs. Range of careers for those with passionate interest in international economics, law, politics and social sciences. This rigorous course will prepare for careers in a globalised economy and includes opportunities for work placements in a wide variety of Australian organisations.

International Studies.

  • Bachelor of International Studies, UNSW Global, 4 years. The program examines the dynamics of global and regional change, explores key developments in international relations and international economics; evaluates the implications of globalisation; encourages acquisition of relevant languages; and discusses questions centred on nationalism, political sovereignty, social change, multiculturalism, and transnational interaction in an increasingly integrated world.
  • Bachelor of International Studies, University of Western Sydney, 3 years. Combines Asian studies, history, international governance, international relations, peace studies, politics, security studies, and modern languages (Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese or Spanish).
  • Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Business and Commerce, University of Western Sydney, 4 years. Graduates will have a solid grounding in the relationships of societies, cultures, languages and systems of government within the international system.
  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International Studies, University of Western Sydney, 4 years. Designed for students who want to combine their interest and expertise in science with a sophisticated understanding of international issues and systems.

Politics and International Relations.

  • Bachelor of Politics, Asian Studies and International Relations, Griffith University, 3 years. This Degree is a window into the drama and passion of how power works in the modern world. Choose an Asian and International Studies major or the major you prefer in politics and government. If you are still in first year, you can simply swap majors. It is that easy.
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics, Government and International Relations, Griffith University, 5 years. Simultaneously study Law and special subject areas encouraging you to make connections between law and the areas of ethics, legal theory, Indigenous issues, and internationalisation.
  • BA major in Politics and International Relations, Edith Cowan University, 3 years. A specialization in politics is useful for a wide range of careers including the public service, journalism, teaching, policy/research positions with political parties and with national and international non-government agencies.
  • BA B.Communications, major in Politics and International Relations, Edith Cowan University, 3 years. Emphasis is placed on understanding the nature of contemporary political challenges and the role of political leadership, the media, corporate interests, public opinion and grassroots political movements in framing and addressing these challenges. While the focus is global, thematic and interdisciplinary, specialist units are offered in Australian, American and Chinese politics.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), James Cook University, 3 years. Explore international affairs from political, historical, economic and legal perspectives while at the same time examining the complex interactions between the domestic and international affairs of nations.

Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

  • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Australian National University, 3 years. This program aims to introduce you to the study of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and the manner in which they can be integrated to enhance our understanding and evaluation of the conduct of individual and collective agents and social institutions. The Australian National University is recognised for its leadership in the fields of philosophy, politics, and economics.
  • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, La Trobe Universeity, 3 years. For students who aspire to become tomorrow's decision-makers and opinion-shapers. Its guiding premise is a recognition that economic, political and philosophical dimensions lie at the heart of every issue that informs life and work in contemporary society.

Public Policy.

  • Bachelor of Policy Studies, Australian National University, 3 years. Comprehensive understanding of Australian public policies and some related international policies. Graduates will have the skills and knowledge to conduct economic analysis, gather and analyse statistics and critique Australian public policies.

Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific.

  • Bachelor of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, Australian National University, 3 years. Topics, debates and developments in the Middle East and Central Asia. Study the socio-cultural, political, historical and economic structures of these regions and develop comprehensive knowledge of their relationship to global socio-cultural, political and economic trends. You can elect to study a Middle Eastern or Central Asian language as either a major or minor in the program.
  • Bachelor of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 3 years. Employs an interdisciplinary framework to explore important historical and contemporary issues in Oceania and to critically examine the ways in which knowledge about the region, and the region itself, have been framed, constructed and represented. Provides students with a deep understanding of the cultural, social, geographic and political diversity of Oceania, and the richness of perspectives on it, with a particular emphasis on indigenous epistemologies and voices. Emerge with a strong sense of a very large and diverse, yet deeply connected region.


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