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  • Bachelor (Hons.) Degree 3 years
  • Work experience or study abroad + 1 year.
  • Diploma 2 years.
  • Tuition EU/UK £7,800 to £9,000/year.
  • Tuition International £9,500 to £ 10,500/year.

International Relations.

Careers with international businesses, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, international aid organisations, news and media organisations, and educational organisations, trade and tourism.

  • BA (Hons) International Relations, Canterbury Christ Church University, 3 years. Study International Relations as a combined honours subject, or Politics and International Relations in a single honours capacity. Programmes provide an exciting balance of current issues, theoretical analysis and historical context based on three important elements.
  • BA (Hons.) International Relations, Coventry University, 3 years or 4 years with a professional placement or study abroad. This course is delivered by experts in international relations, history, politics and global security, giving you the opportunity to specialise in any or all of these areas.

Human Rights.

  • BA (Hons.) Human Rights, University of Central Lancashire, 3 years. Collaborative degree between the schools of Law and Education and Social Science. Introduces students to the nature, range, purpose and limits of human rights; examines the recognition, revision and enforcement of human rights at domestic, European and international levels.


  • BA (Hons.) Politics, Coventry University, 3 years or 4 years sandwich or study abroad. The Politics course at Coventry University is a vibrant, up-to-date course that will answer many current political questions and help you understand the complex world in which you live.
  • BA (Comb. Hons.) Politics, University of Central Lancashire, 3 years. Explore and combine the issues, questions and insights of the academic discipline of Politics with those of cognate subjects such as History, Sociology, Economics or Philosophy.
  • BA (Hons.) Politics and History, Coventry University, 3 years or 4 years sandwich or study abroad. Lessons from the past will help you understand current and future political developments whilst political theory will deepen your understanding of past events. A particular feature of the course is its focus on international politics and history.
  • BA (Hons.) Public Relations (Political Communication), University of Central Lancashire, 3 years. combines public relations, political communication and politics knowledge and skills and has been designed to meet a growing demand for political communication professionals, who can assist political institutions and organisations operating in complex political environments.

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