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  • Bachelor Degree 3 to 4 years (Single or Combined).
  • Tuition International NZ$ 20,050 to NZ$20,200/year.

Politics and International Relations.

Careers in businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other nongovernment organisations, news and media organisations, and educational organisations, industry, cultural and public policy.

  • BA Political Science and International Relations, Victoria University, 3 or 4 years. Examine ideologies, explore systems of ideas, analyse social movements and identify the principle concepts, issues and theoretical debates within the fields of Politics and International Relations. Dig into issues of power, conflict, diplomacy, arms control, terrorism, developmental politics, civil society, foreign policy, humanitarian aid, and the international political economy. Studying Political Science and International Relations can be unsettling, exciting, and deeply compelling.
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social Science Political Science, Waikato University, 3 or 4 years. Study all aspects of pollitical life, in New Zealand and internationally.


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