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  • Bachelor Degree 3 to 4 years
  • Double or Combined Degree 5 years
  • Bachelor with Honours +1 year.
  • Tuition International A$18,000 to A$24,000/year
  • Work while you study.


  • Bachelor of Laws, Australian National University, 4 years. The curriculum is composed of compulsory and elective courses, each worth 6 units (with the exception of Honours Thesis, worth 12 units) and one semester in length, with 48 units per year being the standard load adopted by the University.
  • Bachelor of Laws (Undergraduate Entry), La Trobe University, 4 years. Provides an accredited professional qualification in law and requires students to complete subjects in another discipline, such as science, media studies or marketing, without having to complete a separate degree in that discipline.
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). This course teaches students foundational knowledge and skills in law and its practice. Law graduates are increasingly in demand in the legal profession and the business sector in a wide range of roles and responsibilities.
  • Bachelor of Laws, Edith Cowan University, 4 years. Equips students with skills for the courtroom and beyond, providing greater scope and options for a rewarding career in the legal, corporate, commercial and social justice fields. Practical experience may be gained at the on-campus Joondalup Community Legal Centre and through the Criminal Justice Review Project ('Innocence Project').
  • Bachelor of Laws, James Cook University, 4 years. Social, economic, environmental and political contexts and their significance for stable government, economic prosperity and the protection of individual and cultural rights.

Laws and Business

  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Business, Griffith University, 5 years. International trade has a more important role than ever as countries compete for export income. Legal advice in companies trading internationally is pivotal to success. If you are keen to gain legal qualifications and work in an international context then this combined degree will make you very attractive to prospective employers.
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business, La Trobe University, 5 years. Complete a business major in business economics, financial management, financial planning, human resource management, macroeconomics, management information systems, international management, management or marketing.
  • Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Business, Edith Cowan University, 5 years. Double degree combination provides students with the theory, practical experience and transferable employability skills, including leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, communication and problem solving, needed for employment in a wide range of professions, and as a basis for further study in a variety of disciplines.
  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws, University of Western Sydney, 5 years. lite degree aimed at transforming today's brightest business minds into tomorrow's business leadersCombined with the Bachelor of Laws course, you are able to tailor your studies to your goals.

Laws and the Environment

  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science (Environment), Griffith University, 5 years. The environment is possibly the main political and social issue in Australia and around the world. However, the issues are not as simple as arguments to retain forests, conserve water or protect endangered species. Environmental problems involve science, technology, economics, law and human values. Their successful resolution requires an understanding of all these issues.

Laws and...

  • Law, combined studies and courses, Australian National University
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Finance, La Trobe University, 5 years. The course includes subjects relevant to finance, such as Banking and Finance Law, Competition Law and Policy, or an approved subject from the Master of Laws in Global Business Law.
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations, La Trobe University, 5 years. This course offers an innovative, high-quality legal education with a strong global and social justice perspective and an emphasis on practical experience.
  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Law, University of Western Sydney, 5 years. Special emphasis is placed on the development of skills in advocacy, negotiation, legal drafting and legal research.
  • Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Laws, University of Western Sydney, 5 years. Tailor your studies to your specific goals by combining our accredited Bachelor of Laws degree with the Bachelor of Economics.
  • Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts, Griffith University, 5 years. Professional legal curriculum that focuses on the core areas of legal practice together with legal skills that lawyers must have. Choose law electives aligned with your particular interests, including clinical courses that emphasise practical legal skills, insights and experience.
  • Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Psychological Science, Edith Cowan University, 5 years. Double Degree combination enabling students who wish to study Law and Psychological Science to obtain a degree in both fields.



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