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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years.
  • Diploma 2 years.
  • Certificate 1 year.
  • Tuition International C$12,000 to C$23,000/year.
  • Co-Op program to work while you study
  • Bursaries available at SLC

Community and Justice Services

Careers with community support systems, police, law enforcement, treatment centres, school boards, non governmental agencies, community based service agencies, youth diversion programs, and alternate programs for youth.

  • Community and Justice Services, St Lawrence College, Kingston Campus, 2 years. Graduates are prepared to be engaged in the process of creating and building safer communities by intervening with offenders, high risk client groups, developing community programs and other initiatives that require measured and appropriate interventions.
  • Justice Studies Diploma, Correctional Studies Specialization, Bow Valley College, 2 years. Prepare for a career in a correctional institution, community corrections, non-profit correctional services or probation. Acquire the background necessary for a career in a correctional institution, community corrections, or probation
  • Justice Studies Diploma, Youth Justice Specialization, Bow Valley College, 2 years. Develop the skills to make a difference by working with at-risk youth, incarcerated youth, and youth who are reintegrating back into society.
  • Justice Studies Diploma, Law Enforcement Specialization, Bow Valley College, 2 years. Prepare yourself for an exciting career in the field of law enforcement as a police officer, sheriff, or RCMP officer.
  • Police Foundations, St. Lawrence College, 2 years. Training for a career in Policing Services and other branches of Law Enforcement. The goal of Police Foundations is to provide potential police officers with a well rounded education which prepares them to address the problems of the communities they serve in a flexible and effective manner.
  • Police Foundations, Centenial College, 2 years. Graduates are prepared for careers in the various police and military forces or in the field of security and related occupations. Successful graduates of the program have the ability to withstand pressure, communicate effectively, act as problem-solvers and help people in the community.
  • Police Foundations, Algonquin College, 2 years. Designed to help students who are interested in policing in Ontario. Students gain a broad education in human relations skills and the interpretations of social interaction. The curriculum includes courses on police powers and procedures, community policing, investigation processes, diversity, professional ethics and communication.

Law Clerk/Legal Assistant

Careers in many different environments including law offices, government agencies and ministries, legal clinics, financial institutions, business enterprises. Real Estate, Family, Civil Ligitation, Corporate Law.

  • Law Clerk, St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus, 48 weeks. Do do independent legal work as part of a team supporting lawyers in the day-to-day routine of their practice. The combination of business and law subjects provides a strong foundation for career choices in other settings that offer services which apply law to specific interests
  • Law Clerk, Centennial College, 2 years. Accredited by the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO). A unique feature of Centennial's program is a four-day-per week work placement in the final semester. This work placement provides invaluable work experience and will allow you to apply your knowledge to real-life legal situations.
  • Law Clerk, Algonquin College, 2 years. This two-year Ontario College Diploma program prepares graduates for employment as law clerks. Law clerks, who work under the general direction of a lawyer or paralegal, perform routine legal and administrative duties and also assist lawyers and paralegals by conducting a variety of legal functions.
  • Office Administration Legal, Centennial College, 2 years. Provides you with the skills and advanced training that is necessary to qualify for an administrative support position in the legal field. Graduates are prepared to work in real estate, civil litigation, family law and corporate law.

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