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  • Bachelor Degree 3 or 4 years
  • Final Bachelor Degree year for students with 3 years' previous study at Degree level
  • Tuition EU €1,906/year
  • Tuition International €6,000/year
  • Work while you study

Final Bachelor Degree year. For students who have already 3 years of higher education in a related discipline and wish to finish their four year bachelor programme with an international specialization OR already have their Degree and wish to receive an additional internationally acknowledged Bachelor Degree by completing an international Final year.


  • Bachelor of International Law, Saxion University, 1 year. The program offeres excellent opportunities to develop relevant professional competencies such as negotiating, advising, project management, inter cultural communication, doing research and translating legal knowledge into practical solutions. Contains a broad variety of lectures and workshops.

Law and Business

  • Bachelor in International Business and Law, Saxion University, 1 year. Offers an opportunity for international students to learn to deal with international business challenges, experience inter-cultural differences and develop new approaches to international cooperation in the business and public domain taking important legal and society issues into account. Related issues are legal aspects of international business relations, corporate governance, business ethics and compliance to international codes.

Law and Public Management

  • Bachelor in Public Management and International Law, Saxion University, 1 year. Organizations, profit or non-profit, must respond to developments concerning sustainability, social responsibility, fair trade, emerging economies and good governance into account. As part of the programme you will be working on practical assignments for business and government.

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