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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years; Hons + 1 year.
  • HND or Associate Degree 2 years.
  • Top-Up 1 year.
  • Tuition maximum £9,000/year for EU students at British public universities.
  • Study abroad or work experience 1 year.

Commercial Music.

Careers. Performers, Sound engineers/producers, Composers, Recording artists..

  • Bachelor of Music: Commercial Music, Canterbury Christchurch University. Focuses predominantly on popular music styles, with particular emphasis on the composition, performance and production of music for commercial application enabling each student to develop their individual creative and technical abilities.


Careers. Composers, Performers. Arts administrators, Recording studios.

  • Music Composition BA (Hons), Coventry University. Very practical and taught by internationally renowned composers. Whatever your style of composition this course will have something for you. In the course, you will have opportunities to hear your music performed.

Music Business and Management.

Careers in Global media companies, Freelance / independent media producer, Researcher.

  • Bachelor of Music Industry Management, Canterbury Christchurch University. Essentially practical, with much emphasis on what is happening in the music and other creative industries.
  • Media and Communications BA (Hons), Coventry University. Designed to produce graduates who will be at the forefront of a wide range of careers within the media and cultural industries. Opportunity to undertake a one-year professional placement between years two and three..
  • BA (Hons) Music Promotion, Southampton Solent University. Key areas of study are popular music and the music industries, music promotion, marketing and public relations, events management, interactive, digital and social media.

Music Journalism.

Careers. Entertainment, Celebrity and lifestyle journalism, Website management, Television and radio research and production , Music biographer.

  • BA (Hons) Popular Music Journalism, Southampton Solent University. Created in consultation with music magazine editors in the UK and the US, the course will develop your understanding of and skills in contemporary music journalism.

Music and Sound Production.

Careers. Composition, Arranging, Producing, Recording, Engineering, Performance.

  • Music Production, BA(Hons), University of Central Lancashire. Creativity is prioritised and course content features composition, creative production skills, recording techniques, sequencing, sampling, sound processing and design, the contextual study of music and research/academic skills. 
  • Bachelor of Music Production, Canterbury Christchurch University. Designed for students with a background in computer sequencing and sound recording, and with an interest in the application of their creative skills for the commercial production of music.
  • Media Production BA (Hons), Coventry University. This degree embraces the new technologies of production, ways of working and methods of delivery. n year two you work in small production teams and specialise in areas such as:     Sound and Music in the Digital World.
  • Higher National Certificate in Music Production, Canterbury Christchurch University. Taught at Thanet College. Successful completion allows for direct progression into employment or you may choose to join the second year of a degree programme at Canterbury Christ Church University in Creative Music Technology or Music Production.

Music Studies and Practice.

Careers. Performance, Composition, Teaching, Media production, Business, Technical support, Community arts.

  • Bachelor of Music Practice, BA(Hons), University of Central Lancashire. It is designed for those who want a creative, practical and vocational music course and who are committed and innovative musicians.
  • Bachelor of Music, Canterbury Christchurch University. Designed for creative, energetic students wishing to develop their skills in performance and/or composition to a high level.
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts (with specialist pathways in Dance, Drama and Vocal Studies), Canterbury Christchurch University. You follow a core of modules but may specialise if you wish: Dance, Drama, Vocal Studies, and Theatre Production. Superb new facilities; specialist tutors who are themselves professional practitioners.
  • Music Performance BA (Hons), Coventry University. A strong emphasis on performance in solo, small and large group formats supported by one-to-one instrumental tuition and visits from outside specialists.
  • Higher National Diploma in Music Performance, Canterbury Christchurch University. Taught at Canterbury College. Successful completion of the HND may allow students to progress onto a music degree course at Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Music Access Programme (1 year), Canterbury Christchurch University. Allows students to engage in studying a range of musical topics. Attracts a wide variety of candidates, some coming back into education after a career, others wanting a change of direction or those who are simply interested in expanding and developing their musical knowledge and skills.

Music Technology.

Careers. Sound artists/composers, Sound engineers/producers, Music producers, Audio post-production technicians.

  • Bachelor of Music: Creative Music Technology, Canterbury Christchurch University. An innovative programme that focuses on the latest developments in sound design and audio processing. The programme is designed for students with a creative background in electronic composition and production.
  • Music Technology BSc (Hons), Coventry University. You will learn about the principles of sound and acoustics, musical instrument acoustics, music composition and production, recording equipment through to software/ hardware and the current business environment.
  • Music Production for Online Industries BSc (Hons), Coventry University. A unique course which directly addresses the shift in digital distribution of music. You will learn how interface design acts as the window through which music recordings can be promoted and distributed.
  • BA (Hons) Digital Music, Southampton Solent University. You will study digital music production (including both audio and synthesis), sound design, music for film and digital media, DJing (using DJing software applications) and how to prepare your music productions for live performance.
Music Theatre.

Careers in Theatre industries, Community arts, Teaching, Arts administration, Arts therapy.

  • Music Theatre, BA(Hons), University of Central Lancashire. Students are involved in one major production in each year with an opportunity to create a major devised piece in both second and third year.

Popular Music.

  • BA (Hons) Popular Music Production - Top Up, Southampton Solent University. Music production work will be complemented by academic research skills and critical tools developed through analysis of the structures, meanings, histories and cultural contexts of popular music.
  • BA (Hons) Popular Music and Record Production, Southampton Solent University. You will gain hands-on experience of the studio and live production of popular music and investigate popular music styles, genres, histories, cultural and creative contexts, underpinned by work investigating the wider music industry.
  • BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance - Top Up, Southampton Solent University. Performance is assessed in both solo and band contexts, often at local venues in front of public audiences. The course emphasises the study of the core rock and pop instruments: guitar, bass, drums, vocals and keyboards.

Sound and Music Design.

Careers. Sound engineer, Sund recordist/ADR/foley recordist, Audio post-production and mastering for TV and film ,Film sound consultant television audio engineer, Games sound designer,Audio transmission and relay.

Sound Engineering.

Careers. Sound engineer, Acoustic consultant, Audio systems designer and planning engineer, Live event audio planner and operations, Audio transmission and relay, Sound installation and design for cinema/theatre, Audio post-production and mastering.

  • BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering, Southampton Solent University. Covers technology and engineering required for production, recording and reproduction of sound in its many forms.


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