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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years. Hons +1 year
  • Stay to work when you graduate
  • Tuition NZ$ 20,000 to NZ$ 25,000/year for international students.
  • Part time work while you study

Music Studies and Practice.

Careers. Advertising, Arts management, Composing, Studio production, Television and film

  • Bachelor of Music (BMus), Victoria University and Massey University in conjunction with the New Zealand School of Music. Provides intensive study in Classical Performance, Jazz, Composition (Instrumental/Vocal or Sonic Arts) or Music Studies (which includes the following options: Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Jazz Studies, and Without Specialisation).
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music, Victoria University and Massey University in conjunction with the New Zealand School of Music. Maximum flexibility; allows students to combine music with a greater number of non-music papers than is possible within the BMus alone. Students may take a diverse range of non-music papers in a BA, or may elect to do a double major with another subject area.
  • Bachelor of Music, Waikato University. For students with musical talent and ambition or just a sheer love of music. It combines intense tuition with theoretical understanding and the choice of a performance or academic focus.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music), Waikato University. Gives you the freedom to design a degree with an arts base that combines subjects you feel passionate about with those that broaden your career options.
  • Bachelor of Music (MusB), University of Otago. Includes eight Music Majors: Classical Music, Classical Music Performance, Composition, Contemporary Music Performance, Music for Education, Music Studies, Popular Music, and World Music. Students are required to complete the requirements for one or two of the Majors.
  • Bachelor of Music with Honours (MusB(Hons)), University of Otago. The degree may be taken in one of three general areas: Musicology or Ethnomusicology, Musical Performance, Composition, or in a combination of these areas.

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