science denmark
  • Bachelor Degree 3
  • AP Degree 2 years
  • Top-Up 1.5 years
  • Tuition €0/year EU students
  • Tuition 65,000- 71,000 DKK for International students
  • Programmes will include work experience in Denmark or abroad


Careers: in General biotechnological disciplines and fields where the transition to sustainable technologies and resources has been initiated or will be initiated.

  • Bachelor in Sustainable Biotechnology, Aalborg University. You will achieve skills and competences within molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, biorefineries, sustainability, and other scientific and technical research areas.

Energy Technology

Careers: Project Manager, Energy Engineer, Energy Advisor, Sales Engineer.

  • AP in Energy Technology, University College Denmark (UCN) On the programme you will learn about: the energy of the building complex, energy supply and conversion, energy efficient process and production facilities, and you will go on an internship and write a final examination project.

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