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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years
  • HND or Associate Degree 2 years
  • Tuition US$ 6,500 to US$30,000/year
  • Certificate 1 year

Biology & Microbiology

  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, Northeastern University. Core classes in pre-calculus, physics, biology, microbiology, ecology, genetics and molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, chemical principles, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry. You can tailor your learning experience by choosing.


  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Northeastern University. includes studies in biotechnology, immunology, genomics, and proteomics, and additional coursework in regulatory affairs.


  • Introductory Science Certificate, UCLA Extension. Provides a structured academic background in basic science preparation for students interested in pre-medical studies or other health-related disciplines, in addition to science and engineering fields.


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