I have my Degree, now what? That step between studies and real work can be daunting.

Internships. The application of your studies to real life is generally, but not always, unpaid. Many first Degrees include a year in industry between 2nd and 3rd years, some Graduate Programs add an optional internship. These are important components of your overall training and can be essential success factors in your future. Years' experience prove that internships make an important difference in professional life. You will learn how to strategize, how to interview, how to fit into a team, how to contribute and make a difference in the work place. In short, this is your jumping pad.

Paid Work. A way to earn some cash while studying, to help pay the bills. Usually part-time work in the hospitality industries such as restaurants, hotels or cafeterias.

Au Pair and Demi Pair. Live with the family, help out with chores and earn your keep and a little more.

Volunteering. Generally in non-governmental organizations or support services to local societies.


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